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Student Jobs in Germany

One other thing most students are interested in knowing about are student jobs. Students are allowed to work upto 20 Hours/week in Germany. Also, there is a condition on the number of days you may work during an year. This is limited to 90 full days or 180 half days (according to press release from Federal Ministry of the Interior dated 31. July 2012, Students are now allowed to work for 120 days or 240 half days in a year). In addition, you can be employed as a student assistant (studentische/ wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) in the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Almost all student jobs available in Germany are related to programming. So if you intend to work here to bear your expenses, you should be good in atleast one programming language (for example  C/C++, Java, VB, Python etc). There are some jobs for VHDL as well.

You may work either a university institute or at a company. Both have some pros and cons. At a company, you get paid higher but the working hours are strict. At university institutes, the pay rates are slightly lower but the advantages are great: flexible working hours, can work from home (which you may also do on weekends), easy to stop working before exams (university supervisors will never say no if you need time for studies before exams). One other great advantage is that the work you do at a university institute does not deduct your 90 full (180 half) or according to new lay 120 full (240 half) days allowed per year.

University notice boards usually host student job postings. Almost all notices are in German. But this is not that big an issue even if you don't know German. With a little bit help from the internet, you can understand them. Note the requirements and email addresses of the contact person(s) and send them your CV (Lebenslauf) by email. Try to keep the length of the CV restricted to one page. Include only relevant information.

Student job advertisements are also there on University Job Website. On the search for a student job, it is also worthwhile to regularly check the web pages of the university departments and central services for job offers (usually under links for “job offers” or “news”). You may also contact people by email before arriving to Germany and meet them when you are here so that you may have a job as quickly as possible (although this is not possible in all cases). If you intend to start your job as soon as possible, you should apply for residence permit as soon as you can since this is one of the requirements for student jobs.

Finding a student job may take some time. It also depends on their availability on the German city where you are coming for studies. In some cities, students find jobs quickly within the first few months while in others, it might take more than one semester. Availability of student jobs is one factor to consider when choosing a university if you cannot fulfill your expenses without them. Secondly you have to improve your German Language skills to find jobs.

University Job Website

Below you find a list of career websites which offer the opportunity to search for internship placements and jobs. Some are specialised in engineering.

Below you find a list of career websites which offer the opportunity to search for internship placements and jobs. Some are specialised in engineering.

Jobs Websites
Job Portal für Ingenieure

Meine Stadt (Duisburg)


Meine Stadt (Essen)


Job Monitor

Worldwide Jobs

Job is Job







Job Pilot



PSA-UDE Tracker
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