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Before Arrival

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"Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you."

When to arrive in the Germany...

We recommend that you arrive about a week before your course is scheduled to start. This gives you sufficient time to recover from your journey, to get to know your way around, and settle into life in Duisburg. If you have a choice of date, try to come on a weekend, so if you encounter any problems we are available to help.
If you anticipate a late arrival please tell us by phone or email when we can expect you.

When booking a flight to the Germany, you may be able to get a discounted student airfare. Show your travel agent proof of student status such as your Visa Application Document or the visa itself.

Once you have booked your flight you can go ahead and reserve your Accommodation.

Transfer from the airport to your accommodation

There are various ways to find your way from the airport into Duisburg/Essen (please visit After Arrival).

If you are arriving late at night or early in the morning or you would like the easiest option, you can order a taxi in advance. But normally trains are available late at night on weekend, which is the cheapest way to Duisburg.

What to bring with you

Making sure you bring all you need, will help you settle in quicker. Ultimately you decide what you will need to bring and what you can find here once you arrive, but we have made the following suggestions.

The Germany's weather  is notoriously unpredictable; it can be sunny when you wake up and pouring with rain by mid morning. Bring adequate rain protection and cold weather clothing if you can.

  • For various reasons you will need passport-sized photos which may be more expensive in the Germany than at home

  • In order to open a bank account once you arrive, you may need to show proof of your overseas address and a letter of recommendation from your bank in your home country.

  • Copies of your qualifications.

  • A calculator(scientific) and German to English dictionary

  • Your CV and a reference letter from a former employer or teacher can help in applying for part time work.

  • A medical letter, if you have any pre-existing conditions (such as epilepsy, diabetes etc.)  Any medicines from home that you may need that would not be available in the Germany.

  • Please travel with only the most necessary items. Once you begin packing you will notice that your 'necessary items' are more than you expected.  Items like towels, bed sheets and pillows are obviously available here, so please don't bother bringing them.

  • If you wear prescription glasses, bring two pairs with you with the latest prescription, if possible.  Purchasing glasses in the Germany can be very expensive.

  • If possible, get your medical and dental checkups done in Pakistan unless there is a certain reason not to.

Getting to Duisburg/Essen Campus

  • There are many hotels in the Duisburg/Essen area if you or your parents require a temporary place to stay.  Book your room(s) well in advance for it can be hard to find rooms on short notice.  The earlier you make your reservations with a nearby hotel/motel the better the price you will get.

  • If you don't have a Map, go to the Duisburg/Essen Information center (near Main Railway Station/Hauptbahnhof) and ask them for a map and any other information you might need or you can see our Map and Transport under After Arrival section.

Before Arrival


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