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Life is like a fingerprint that can't be changed, so make the best impression with it.

The interview is usually held on the same day, if not the the other day. The
If they want to reject your visa application, than they do it after investigation and process in Pakistan. If you got the passport back with a stamp of Antrag Erhalten (Request for), that means your application along with your documents has been sent to Germany for further inquiry. If that happens, then applicant have 95 percent chance to get visa within a month.
The consulate will call you when they get the clearance, or you can call and inquire. When the clearance has been done, they will ask you to bring back your passport (if you had taken it back earlier) along with a ticket and travel insurance.( at Khi consulate insurance is mandatory, about embassy in Islamabad. This insurance is just for your travel period and different than the health insurance which you have to get here in Germany after your arrival. Usually they ask for one months travel insurance. The insurance can be had from one of the companies listed on the consulate's/embassy's website more detail


interview is not at all difficult, just simple questions, why Germany, Why this university, about family members, if not fresh, work experience, what will you do after completing the studies. My suggestion is that never let them assume that you will be staying there after completing your studies. You can collect your passport back after 7 days, they give you the date. If not, no problem. It might take about 1.5 months or more for visa clearance, but usually one gets visa with 3 weeks if all the requirements are fulfilled you have good luck :).
Book your ticket in advance, i.e. your intended day of departure. one gets ticket easily but on safe side do booking as booking costs nothing. After you provide them with insurance and ticket (must be 10 days margin from the date you go to submit your ticket and insurance otherwise there will be problem of issuance of visa). They might ask you to come back after one week to take your passport back with the student visa stamped. If your classes are starting early then you may ask the visa officer to speed up the process or ask your international office person or course coordinator to ask them to process the visa faster so that you may make it within time. The student visa granted is for 3 months. After coming to Germany, you have to apply for residence permit. The rejection ratio of student visas is very low for Germany and if you fulfill all the requirements, you can be pretty sure you will get the visa.
Here are some tips.

1. Good Sleep
6. Always be Patient

2. Always be Punctual
7. Make a list of your questions

3. Prepare all the documents
8. Always ask Politely

4. Dress up Neatly
9. Always speak Clearly

5. Always be attentive

Interview Question

  • How many universities did you apply for?    

  • What is your specialization?

  • Which Universities (both admits and rejects) did you apply to?  

  • Which universities accepted you?

  • What is the reason you choose this university? How you find about this university?

  • Why do you want to study in Germany/ Why you do not want to study in UK/USA?

  • Where did you do your bachelor's degree from?

  • What is your Undergraduate GPA/Percentage?

  • Can you tell me some details about your university?

  • Can you mention the names of some professors?

  • Have you ever been to the Germany/Europe?

  • How can you prove that you will come back after finishing your studies?

  • (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?

  • Why do you wish to study in the Germany and not in Pakistan?

  • Could you please show me your A1/A2/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scorecard?

  • What will you do after completing BS/MS?

  • What are your plans after graduation?

  • Do you know anyone (in Germany) or in your University?

  • What do you plan to study at the university?

  • What will you do if your visa is rejected?

  • Will you come back to home during summers?

  • What will you do after coming back to home? (If you have changed the field of specialization, e.g., you have bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering and are going for masters in computer science)

  • Why do you want to change your major?

  • What is the reason you selected this course? Is this course relevant to your previous studies?

  • Isn’t this course is offered by any college or university in your country?

  • What steps have you taken to ensure that you will be able to perform well in the new field you wish to change to?


  • Why do you think the university is giving scholarship to you?

  • (If you are going for higher studies after working for some time) Can I see your work experience certificate(s)?

  • Did you receive any scholarships?


  • Why haven't you received any scholarship?

  • Have you received any loans?

  • Do you have any relatives in Germany?

  • Who is sponsoring you? /  Who is you sponsor for your education?

  • What does your father/uncle do?

  • What is your father's/uncle's annual income?

  • What is the reason he sponsor you? (this question will be asked when your sponsor is not your father)

  • How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  • Are your parents retired?  If yes, how will they pay for your education expenses?

  • What you will intend to do in the off period or off semester?

  • Could you please show me the passbook or bank statements?

  • Where did your brother/parents complete their studies?

  • You have xx brothers and sisters so your father's savings are for all, how will he finance you?

  • Where do your parents live (if they live in Germany)?


  • How will you finance your education funds for 2 years or 3 years? (Generally you have to prove that you can fund the first year of your education but we suggest that you be prepared with this answer).


  • Do you have a brother / sister, or any other relative already at this university?

  • How much money you have for your stay in Germany?


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